With the launch of the Community Portal in February, Komodo reached a major milestone in building a stronger community. The second milestone is to increase the awareness of the Komodo Platform. For this reason, we want to kick-off a Micro Bounty Campaign.

With this campaign, we want to increase awareness and highlight Komodo's unique features playfully.

Here is how it works.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will share a Google form/Gleam campaign through our social media channels and you will have 24h time to participate and complete the tasks. After 24h we will analyze the results and draw the winner and announce through our social media channels.

The prize will depend on the difficulty of the quiz. 

For questions that are easy to solve, you can win 7.77 KMD. For questions with a medium difficulty level, you can win 20 KMD. For tricky questions, you can win 30 KMD.

We will announce the difficulty level and the prize at the time of the announcement of the lucky winner.

Without much more to tell, let's start with our first quiz!

Follow this link to participate! https://forms.gle/fahFwB8QMeD84mgR6 

More to come

Stay tuned for more information as we’ll continue to improve the Micro Bounty Campaign with fancy ideas and different prizes.

Join the discussion on the Community Portal and bring forth your own ideas and suggestions.