The Komodo team is pleased to have rolled out the first iteration of the community portal, but this is by no means the final version. We are eager to learn how our community will be using the portal and will optimize the portal based on your feedback. 

In order to help users like you send us good feedback, it’s important that we first talk about the reasons why we launched the portal in the first place.

Portal Objectives

Here are the main goals we want to reach through the use of the portal:

  1. Accelerate community growth by providing more value for the community as a whole and by easing the learning curve for all the newcomers.
  2. Build a culture of peer-to-peer community support and start documenting all the valuable information into a growing knowledge base.
  3. Increase the adoption of Komodo technology by building a stronger open-source developer community. 
  4. Support the growth of the Komodo ecosystem by bridging people and projects closer together.

What you see today is the first iteration of the portal. We are going to add new features and customizations later, based on the feedback and ideas we receive.

Future Customizations

The Komodo team is continuously looking for ways to improve the structure and overall experience. The current features of the portal put limits on what we can do today. Still, the sky's the limit as anything could be added and customized in the long run.

We are considering upgrading the portal to extend its functionality in the future. In the meantime, we will take in all the feedback and ideas we receive and build out a fully customized portal dedicated to the needs and requirements of the Komodo community.

  • Provide feedback from the developer's perspective. As a developer, what is it you require from a community portal? What kind of features make the portal useful to you?
  • Think about the business side of things. How would a portal provide value for an ecosystem project building with Komodo technology?
  • Don’t limit your feedback to small tweaks and fixes. We do want to hear even the most modest ideas, but what we need is you to think big. Let us know what kind of features your ideal portal would have.


Put on your creative hat, assume that anything could be done, and keep the ideas coming.