We are pleased to announce a territorial expansion for the Komodo community. Now, in addition to Discord, you can engage in discussions in a more forum-like environment. To spread the news far and wide, the Komodo team has launched a 10 day bounty campaign.

10 Day Bounty Campaign Overview

We have a total of 3000 KMD in prizes to be distributed to the campaign winners.

Here’s how it works: Join the Komodo Community Portal, then complete campaign tasks to earn entry tickets into the prize pool lottery. At the end of the campaign, we will draw random tickets and those who hold those tickets are the winners.

Prize Breakdown

One Grand Prize of 777 KMD

Thirty-Nine (39) Prizes of 57 KMD 

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to learn more about the bounty campaign. For now, let’s talk a bit about the portal and why the Komodo team decided to launch it.

Why Komodo Needs A Portal

We believe Komodo has one of the most vibrant communities within the blockchain space, and the discussions on Discord are often insightful and inspiring. However, Discord is far from ideal as a platform for these conversations. Good threads often get lost after a day or two, and finding or archiving them is a nightmare. We believe the Komodo community deserves something better: our very own community portal.

Here are few of our goals we want to achieve with the portal:

  1. Accelerate community growth by providing more value for the community as a whole and by easing the learning curve for all the newcomers.
  2. Build a culture of peer-to-peer community support and start documenting all the valuable information into a growing knowledge base.
  3. Increase the adoption of Komodo technology by building a stronger open-source developer community. 
  4. Support the growth of the Komodo ecosystem by bridging people and projects closer together.

Who Is The Komodo Community Portal For?

We envision the portal will be the heart of the Komodo community and ecosystem. The portal is for:

  • Developers – the portal will serve as a useful resource and knowledgebase for blockchain developers.
  • Community Contributors – this is the place to network and work with the rest of the community to evangelize Komodo technology.
  • Lurkers & Followers – it will be easy for followers and supporters to catch-up on what’s happening in the world of Komodo.
  • Ecosystem Projects & Partners - the portal gives everyone a platform to showcase what they’re working on and how they’re using Komodo technology. 

What you see today is the first iteration of the portal. We are going to add new features and customizations later, based on the feedback and ideas we receive from the community. Please leave us feedback and feature requests.

Benefits of Using The Portal

The Komodo Community Portal is a place to connect with other developers and community members; it is a place to ask questions and join in conversations. Here are the top benefits of browsing and engaging with the portal:

  1. Read ad-hoc development and project updates. The portal is the heart of the Komodo community and a source of raw information. With it, you always stay up-to-date about what's going on.
  2. Quickly catch up on what happened while you were away. With the portal, you can filter the past content and browse the recent highlights and discussions that interest you.
  3. Ask questions and get thoughtful answers. The portal encourages peer-to-peer support, as multiple people can answer your questions and you have a better opportunity to ask follow-up questions. The Komodo team and developer community are here to help.
  4. Collaborate with developers and community members. A portal is an excellent place to find helpful resources and to have an in-depth conversation with fellow developers and community members.
  5. Share your ideas and make your voice heard. In a live chat environment, great content and insights get buried in a sea of messages. When you post to the portal instead, it is like you were standing on a podium, allowing more people to see your content and engage with it.
  6. Participate in Komodo online events. The Komodo team will be hosting periodical AMAs on the portal. We will also announce private beta phases and other exclusive opportunities through the portal.

Portal Bounty Campaign Details

We are using Gleam for the campaign. You will have to register with an email address and follow the instructions on the dashboard.

We have many different types of bounty tasks, each with a different ticket reward.

  • Quick one-time tasks, e.g. join the Komodo Community Portal
  • Creative tasks, e.g. introduce yourself on the portal
  • Twitter tasks, e.g. retweet a Komodo tweet
  • Repeating daily tasks, e.g. interact on the portal

We have also planned a few tasks that will become visible later. Thus, be sure to check the dashboard every few days to see if there are new tasks you would like to complete.

Note that you don’t have to do all the tasks, but the more you do, the higher your chances of winning.


Win up to 777 KMD from a total bounty pool of 3000 KMD.