Komodo’s bounty awards for March are here. This month we have decided to award those who have been helping us to create content here on the portal.

While announcing the awards, this also gives us a great chance to highlight some of the excellent content!

Community Builders

John R – Ambassador, 300 KMD

John reported how he was offered the chance to talk about Komodo and tools in the Digital Democracy space. He has been reaching out to people to understand better what Komodo has to offer.

I reached out to people, some of the various projects in our Ecosystem and projects based on the Komodo Platform. In no particular order I got in touch with Hush, Marmara Credit Loops, Verus, RedFOX Labs, Pirate Chain and KMDLabs.

He also started a discussion about it on the portal:  Digital Democracy - What tools does Komodo offer?

Be sure also to check out his March 2020 ambassador report.

If you happen to be a business looking into Komodo or potential notary node operator, you can take advantage of John’s offer and ask away:

AronGoldberg – Community Contributor, 300 KMD

Aron has been sharing exciting news stories. Follow him, and you will stay up to date on what’s going on in our industry, and how it relates to Komodo technology.

Content Creators

We created a new topic called ‘publications’ to our portal in which we are listing all community-generated news posts and publications. As a result, it is now easier to find community-generated content through this portal.

Reach out to us if you would like to start your blog or add your existing content to the ‘publications’ feed.

Mylo & Ahmed – 300 + 300 KMD

Ahmed Shah is working with Mylo for the ikomodo.com website. They have been creating tons of original content that you can browse through their website.

Few of their latest iKomodo posts from the portal:

Crypto Rich – 300 KMD

Komodo needs more video content! Crypto Rich has been that person who has been continuously creating video coverage about Komodo.

He has also come in to support the Komodo Community Portal and will be posting all his future content to the portal.

His latest video is an interview with Jason Brown, Head of Business Dev at Komodo, that provides an update on what is happening with the Komodo Platform and also with Atomic Dex.

Watch Crypto Rich’s AtomicDEX update with Jason Brown