Now that it’s 2020, it is time to kick off this year’s first round of community bounty awards.

We are distributing 3000 KMD to handpicked members of the community. We will distribute an additional 3000 KMD through the Community Portal launch campaign. The winners of that campaign will be announced next week.

Without further ado, let’s see who earned an award this time.

Chinese Telegram AMA

Tom and Jake collaborated with the Binance team and organized an AMA in the Binance’s Chinese Telegram group. A number of Komodo team members joined and answered questions in English, that were then translated into Chinese.

With over 260 quality questions submitted, the AMA was a huge success. We answered questions in English, and then Tom and Jake translated the answers into Chinese.

  • Tom: 210 KMD
  • Jake: 210 KMD

Go to the AMA shoutout post and read the comments to see a few of the questions the Komodo team answered.

Telegram Community Management

Komodo has two Telegram groups, a general group for Komodo and one for AtomicDEX. Both are maintained by Komodo community members. A huge thanks for Regnar, Acura, and others for being active and maintaining the Telegram groups!

  • Regnar: 210 KMD
  • Acura: 210 KMD

Komodo Ambassadors

We want to show our appreciation for the hard work our ambassadors are doing. Recently, two new people joined the Komodo ambassador team: Paro and Barv. Welcome!

  • John: 210 KMD
  • Barv: 210 KMD
  • Paro: 210 KMD
  • Soldat: 210 KMD

Content Creation

CryptoRich has always been a long-time supporter of Komodo and has published a bunch of interviews. Tyke has been working on a detailed Komodo project timeline. You might have noticed a new Komodo focused website called, and the kudos go to Mylo for that effort.

  • CryptoRich: 210 KMD
  • Tyke: 210 KMD
  • Mylo: 210 KMD

Community Portal Soft-Launch

We want to reward Komodo community moderators Farl and Oszy for being very active on the portal during and after the soft-launch period. Lastly, a shout out to Jimm B., who was the most dedicated bug hunter of the soft-launch period.

  • Farl: 210 KMD
  • Oszy: 210 KMD
  • Jimm B: 210 KMD

Congratulations to all the award winners! Stay tuned for another community award update next month. We will keep an eye for people who help provide detailed answers and comments on the new Community Portal.

If you haven’t joined yet, go ahead and join us on the Community Portal here.