Komodo has allocated a 3000 KMD monthly budget towards community rewards and incentives. We want to highlight active and helpful community members who keep silently working and support what we are doing. 

Let’s see who earned an award this time.

10 Most Reputable Portal Users

The Komodo Community Portal has a built-in point system that has been calculating participation since the launch. We recently activated that, and it can be seen on the side panel.

We are distributing a huge junk of the February 2020 rewards to the top 10 most reputable portal users.

  • Oszy: 143 points – 300 KMD
  • Farl: 132 points – 200 KMD
  • John R: 106 points – 200 KMD
  • Oink: 53 points – 150 KMD
  • CrisF: 38 points – 150 KMD
  • Joe2x4: 37 points – 150 KMD
  • Ahmed Shah: 33 points –  150 KMD
  • Soldat: 32 points –  150 KMD
  • Jimm B: 32 points –  150 KMD
  • akbar tangguh burhamsyah: 30 points –  150 KMD

We will keep rewarding people who are active and helpful on the new community portal. 

Few More Awards

Also, there are few other rewards for those who have recently made a contribution but were not included on last month’s list.

Vogelfreund88 – 200 KMD

Vogelfreund88 reported some ZEC vulnerability issues after the blossom update as well as an issue with BCH address format issue to us.

Seko – 200 KMD

Seko has been building up and managing Komodo’s German Twitter account.

Mixic – 200 KMD

Mixic has created Russian-language chat rooms on Telegram and is maintaining a Komodo news site in Russian.


CHMEX has been building and maintaining a handy website: dexstats.info. Through the site, you can check out some of the atomic swap statistics!

Change of Plans For March 2020

We save up the remaining amount from the February budget (350 KMD) and add it to the next March bounty pool.

The plan is to launch a competition and distribute the whole March bounty pool (3350 KMD) through the campaign.

We will release more information later.