In this community bounty round, we will highlight many of the projects our community is working on. We would like to see more independent projects who use Komodo technology or who otherwise support the Komodo project.


There are several ongoing community led development efforts.

Subatomic Swaps

Subatomic swap technology has made a breakthrough, and there has been a lot of community activity in testing them.

Shossain has been working on a detailed tutorial.  Kaks published a video based on that tutorial. It explains how to get started with subatomic swaps. If you have questions, you can ask them on that portal thread.

Head over to our Discord #dev-subatomic to help out to test the new technology. 

We award Kaks with 400 KMD.

I2P Integration

DreamTim created a post about a fundraising effort started by Draeth and Lootz. The goal is to integrate I2P to Komodo, which will make it available in all the ecosystem projects as well.

They are looking to raise 0.8 BTC in donations.

We will donate 600 KMD from the community bounty budget.

AtomicDEX Orderbooks

Mylo has been developing a website to browse the AtomicDEX order books. It is becoming a full market-making product targeted for web communities.

Visit the website – also check out the demo

Mylo is looking to arrange a livestream in the near future, where he will showcase atomic swaps and talk about the work he has been doing. Head over to the portal thread and ask him for more info.

We award Mylo with 400 KMD.

Notary Node Elections Support

The Komodo team has always had a very hands-off approach to the elections. We don’t want to highlight any specific candidate not to seem biased. Thus it is up to the community members to advocate for their favorite candidate.

On May 4th at 12 PM UTC, the voting period will end. Now are the last days to cast your vote. There are few live elections result pages (see below) that are maintained by various community members. Use those resources to monitor how the voting situation evolves, and the official GitHub repo to browse candidates.

We also encouraged the candidates to post their proposals to the portal. It provides a way to submit questions and engage in discussion with the candidates. Election Page is the most established website to browse Komodo and AtomicDEX related statistics. CHMEX has been maintaining a live voting result page for years, and this season is no different.

There is also a page to track notary node testnet statistics.

We award CHMEX with 400 KMD. Election Page is a relatively new website maintained by MadMax. For the first time, got some friendly competition when it comes to election result tracking.

We award MadMax with 400 KMD.

Other Highlights

Awesome KMD Dashboard

Regnar has been working on a new dashboard that highlights many things about the KMD ecosystem. Here is what he said about it:

In an effort to learn more about web development and to get exposure to different programming languages and skills, I've built a website dedicated to the consolidation of Komodo and specifically KMD ecosystem resources and proof of concepts.

We award Regnar with 400 KMD.

KMD History Book

Tyke has been following Komodo for a long time and is writing a history book about it.

for the last several weeks, I have been using the Komodo History Timeline to structure chapters for the upcoming Komodo History Book.

I will be diligently working to include as much KMD history as possible. I have already identified major and minor milestones after creating a rough timeline of events from 1st Sep 2016 to the present day. Please take a look at the above uploaded PDF to see how I have structured the chapters (preliminary at this time).

We award Tyke with 400 KMD.


That is it for this month's bounty awards! If you have ideas about how we should use the bounty budget, let us know in the comment section below. If there is something you would like to see, we could use the community bounty pool to issue a bounty for it.