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Komodo’s Community Portal can be thought of as a forum, with no rigid structure. You can post text or images, and you can add topics or tag people in those posts, just as you would on social media platforms. 

Making A Post

When you want to make a post of your own, navigate to the topic where you think the content fits best, and fire away!

We have highlighted key topics on the sidebar for your convenience. 

Post Types

There are two different types of posts. The second one is for official updates from team members.

  1. Discussion – share your thoughts and questions in a long-form post with text formatting options
  2. Official News – only available to Komodo team members

Topic Structure

Here is a quick overview of the highlighted topics on the sidebar.

  • Komodo: all Komodo related discussion from KMD coin to our technology.
  • AtomicDEX: Ask about atomic swap technology or talk about our wallet.
  • Community: free, open-ended discussion.
  • Ecosystem: various Komodo related projects post information here.
  • Feedback & Ideas: a good way to share your thoughts with us. 

Finally, why don't you introduce yourself to the community! Your introduction post will appear under the 'community' topic.