We hope this portal brings you value and functions as an additional arm to the live chat environment of Discord. Please let us know how you would like to use this board, and we can better customize it to your needs.

How to get featured on 'Notary Nodes' board

  1. Post your project announcement to this board using the 'discussion' content type. Tag the post with the 'Notary Operators' topic.
  2. We will feature your project on this board as soon as we can. Remind us on Discord if your post goes unnoticed.

Sharing your project news or update

  1. Use the topic 'News & Updates' on your post. Please only use the topic in your message when the content is newsworthy. Frequent low-quality posts would bury the content of other notary operators.
  2. Remember to add other relevant topics to your post, such as your notary node team name.