For us, the success of our community portal is the utmost importance. We believe a platform with static content will drive long-term value as we begin building a knowledge base of useful information. Conversation and insightful ideas no longer get lost and forgotten, and we start working more efficiently as a whole.

We want to encourage our exiting community to adopt the new tool and are thus going to promote the adoption by distributing part of the monthly community awards to the portal users. Here's what you can do to help us out:

  • Populate the content with quality content and insightful posts
  • Help answer questions and vote for the best answer – the most helpful posts go to the top.
  • Provide us with general feedback
    • What was or is unclear to you? Is the portal easy to use?
    • Is the portal structure clear to you?
    • What are the key topics we are missing? Note that you can create new topics yourself!
  • Brainstorm new features and send us your idea

We have left the description very broad on purpose. The whole idea behind the community reward campaign is to be open-ended. We don't want to lock you inside the constraints of a well-defined bounty campaign.

Whoever brings our community and ecosystem, the most value deserves the biggest bounty.