We are collecting all Komodo media mentions under the topic 'media mentions.' The topic helps us find all Komodo media coverage, from the press to YouTube vlogs.

You can now help us keep it up-to-date!

The Process & Bounty Size

Earn Komodo Portal Rewards (KPR) points by being the first to post a new media mention. Duplicate postings will be removed.

Level 1 Requirements

Receive 500 KPR Points (= 5 KMD) 

Fulfill these minimum requirements for level 1 bounty.

  • Use 'Discussion' post type.
  • Use the topic: "Media Mentions" in your post
  • Use the original title in the post title field (copy/paste the title)
  • Include URL to the body field
  • Not a duplicate posting
  • The content must be new, max 7 days old

Level 2 Requirements

Receive 1,000 KPR Points (= 10 KMD) 

Follow these formatting instructions to get level 2 bounty for your posting.

  1. Start the post with a bolded sentence "By 'Author' on 'month' 00th, 2020"
    • Author (with the original author link if available)
    • Date (the date the article was published)
  2. Include a picture (if any)
    • Copy/Paste the picture if possible.
    • Alternatively, take a screenshot of the article picture.
  3. Copy/paste the first paragraph or other short sections or descriptions from the source.
    • The purpose of this is to give the reader a better idea of the article/podcast content.
    • You don't need to write anything yourself, just copy/paste whatever content is available in the source.
  4. Include a bolded link to the source
    • "Read The Full Article" for articles
    • "Watch the Video" for videos
    • "Listen the Podcast" for podcasts
    • etc.

See this as an example posting

Claiming The Bounty

Send a message to @audo in Komodo Discord. Your portal account will be credited with KPR points. Include these two URL's in your message

  • Link to your media mention post
  • Link to your portal profile page

Reach out if you have any questions.

See the portal reward dashboard for more information about the KPR points, including withdrawal instructions.