As one of your Ambassadors I am occasionally contacted regarding Komodo. 

This happened a few days ago when I was offered the chance to talk about Komodo and tools in the Digital Democracy space.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I don't know much of what is happening in that area.

The first thing that jumped to mind on hearing Digital Democracy was 'Vote!' and the specific technologies we have relating to that. Thinking that there must be more I started to ask around. 

I reached out to people, some of the various projects in our Ecosystem and projects based on the Komodo Platform. In no particular order I got in touch with Hush, Marmara Credit Loops, Verus, RedFOX Labs, Pirate Chain and KMDLabs.

Visiting these projects, each with their own goals, motivations and beliefs, brought me back to thinking of what we are really building and offering here at Komodo. To me this comes down to two things.

Freedom and empowerment.

Maybe you don't like something that is being done or maybe you have a revolutionary idea. The years of effort made by contributors from all around the world have put the power to make change and the tools to create into your hands, and into the hands of people from all walks of life.

I saw a great example of this today.

Two projects based on Komodo, each having very admirable but different focuses, worked together in searching for answers that would benefit all.  They discussed ideas and how their projects and technology could provide solutions to a problem.  It was synergy in action.
(Komodo Discord, #ask-jl777, starting here)

By building this open-source platform, along with the very powerful tools it contains, Komodo empowers users and developers. And they don't need Komodo's involvement to make this real. They can freely take what is being given and do as they please.

This is the freedom Komodo gives.

More than any specific technology I see this freedom and empowerment as Komodo's greatest contribution to the cause of Digital Democracy.  You now have the tools and platform to put your own ideas and systems in to practice and to use or test and develop the technologies they rely upon.

How do you see things?