CoinCollect: The easy mobile wallet to get started

We’re the most easy to use multi-coin wallet around for both iOS & Android. You can use CoinCollect to buy coins like bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin and you can use CoinCollect to send or receive them, but Komodo, Veruscoin, HUSH and CHIPS a.o. as well, to and from others. There are no other charges than those from the networks you use.

You get started within seconds; there is no need for an account, there is no need to share any personal data. CoinCollect lets you use crypto the way it is meant to be: You control your coins with your keys, and that’s all.

Buying coins is easy

Use your Euros to buy coins. Quick and easy is our experience for anyone buying coins. That's why we work with local partners worldwide. We just kicked off with an iDeal payment option supporting Dutch banks.

Pay, send & receive on the go

Use CoinCollect to pay at stores, to send funds to friends anywhere in the world or to receive payments from anyone. All the benefits of cryptocurrencies are in your pocket. 

Multiple coins

CoinCollect supports multiple coins to store and use. They can all be accessed with a single seed unlocking your private keys. Bitcoin (BTC), Komodo (KMD, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), CoinCollect (CCL), Veruscoin (VRSC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Zcash (ZEC), HUSH (HUSH), CHIPS (CHIPS) and SAI (SAI) are the first. There are many to follow. Long term or short term, hold your coins safely.

Stay informed

Keep track of the value of your coins and assets wherever you are: Our clear, user-friendly dashboard directly shows you your current portfolio value and how it performed the previous 6 days. Each coin has its own in-detail dashboard too.

Future DEX

We are now integrating swapping capabilities using the amazing AtomicDEX API as developed by the Komodo team. We are grateful to be part of such an innovative ecosystem! Wa aim to make our swaps to have a natural and easy UX. It should integrate seamlessly in the app.

The CCL coin

The CoinCollect network is community owned by the CCL coin holders. There are 200,000,000 (200M) pre-mined coins and they run on a Smart Chain. All gains made by CoinCollect apps flow back to these coin holders. Initial team members each hold 5% of the coins and SuperNET holds 5.5%. You will be able to acquire CCL coins in our app as soon as we support swaps.

Beginner or expert

CoinCollect wants to offer an easy interface for beginners while honoring the standards of experts. Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback. Be part of our community.


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