Tokyo FinTech - Tokyo, Japan
15 Jan 2020

Tokyo Fintech held an Open Mic event on the 15th of January this year.  This group holds regular meetings in Tokyo and attracts Japan-based and international FinTech professionals along with people and projects interested in the field.

When the opportunity arose I put up my hand and offered to speak.  Since there is so much to Komodo and time was limited it was suggested that focusing on Atomic Swaps and Decentralized Exchanges would interest and benefit the audience.

Open Mic - Tokyo FinTech
Open Mic - Tokyo FinTech

Since the audience would have such a varied knowledge of the subject the presentation focused on the basics.  After the presentation there was an off camera, off the record Q&A session.  The Tokyo FinTech audience is known for asking tough and detailed question and this night was no exception. After the presentations were finished there was a networking session and the chance for further, more technical and practical, questions.

This event was a constructive way to improve and prepare for larger presentations. A number of follow-on inquiries and contacts were also some of the things to come out of the event.

Many thanks to Tokyo FinTech for the forum to speak and learn! 

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