Komodo has over 1000 pages of documentation, hand crafted and meticulously curated for newcomers in the Komodo ecosystem.

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Discover the Documentation Through a Guided Outline

One way to become familiar with the documentation is to follow the Learning Launchpad outline.

This method walks the reader through a series of targeted and logically organized articles and tutorials. The outline begins by covering conceptual topics, then presents the basic development tools for Komodo usage, and finally shows an optional advanced path for experienced developers.

(This outline is comprehensive, including all topics in this post.)

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Core Technology Discussions

Readers who wish to understand Komodo can begin by reading the Core Technology Discussions. These articles cover basic Komodo concepts, such as the nature of obtaining blockchain security in the Komodo ecosystem and the manner in which an atomic swap is performed.

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Smart Chains

The Smart Chain Documentation section contains tutorials, installation methods, and common API functions for Smart Chain usage.

Many of the commands and concepts found here are inherited from upstream technologies, such as Zcash and Bitcoin.

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Antara Framework

The Antara Framework is a collection of tools built by the Komodo team. These tools offer developers powerful customization and modules for their blockchain projects.

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Komodo's AtomicDEX is a decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange that utilizes an advanced technology method for trading cryptocurrency: the atomic swap. This software is on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and, naturally, Komodo includes an API for developer customization and implementation.

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Contact Info

Two of our team members, Bryan Beus and G Charang, are often most closely involved with updating and maintaining the official documentation repository. Feel free to reach out to either of them here in the Komodo community with questions.