Tokyo, Japan
January 2020

It has been an honor to act as one of your Komodo representatives for the last six months. You have given me the chance to have many interesting experiences, meet people who I would have never otherwise have met and to learn so much.

Starting as Ambassador I was surprised to find that outside of the Privacy Summit 2.0, where Komodo was still thought of as a 'Privacy Coin', very close to no one had heard of us.  This 'no one' includes knowledgeable people who work in crypto.

I believe that our project could use your help.  If you were to think of one thing that you could do to help Komodo and then just try it, put your idea into action, the results would add up to something truly impressive.

In my case, through attending, participating in and helping at various events, and through other activities, knowledge of Komodo has been noticeably spreading.  People are starting to refer to me as 'from Komodo' and explaining a little of what we are about when they introduce me to new contacts. It has taken a bit of time and effort to reach this point and there is a very long way to go, with a lot to learn, but the results are clear. This is a good path.

I have found this to be true in the online world as well.  I have seen measurable results that stem from putting in thought, time and effort.  People are now contacting me (Komodo) through others I have been in contact with online and with various types of online effort.

You don't have to be an extrovert or fast talking sales type to do this kind of thing.  I'm not.  You can just think of an area where you can put your skills to use and then apply them. You can learn, practice and improve anything else you need.

There is a great demand for the technology Komodo has, and that demand is unfilled by other projects.  With the help of your actions, large or small, I think that we can meet those needs and help a vast number of people and projects create what they want.

And of all of the things I have explained to people about what Komodo is or does this has been, by far, the most admired.  Admired by a very wide variety of people.  Serious privacy advocates, crypto dreamers and investors, corporate types and even the crazys have had respect for that.  When they understand that we are building the tools and platform that anyone can use to build whatever they like, with or without us, they start to see that this is bigger than most of us think.

You can do something to further this. 

Here are some of the events, conferences and meetups that Komodo has attended in Tokyo since August 2019.  Some of these events have separate write ups.

Feel free to ask for information on any of them.

29 AugDigital Asset Conference Tokyo
20 SepFinTech Innovation with Pieter Franken
3 OctThe Intelligent Insurer
5 OctUnblock Tokyo
13-14 OctTokyo Privacy 2.0 Summit
15 OctPegaSys: Protocols Matter & Tokeny: STOs
16 OctLiquid .com / BCH dinner
24 OctLiquid .com / Tezos Meetup
30 OctKnowledge Graphs Presentation
30 OctHoneyPoints Launch Party
5 NovTokyo Community Summit
9 NovRakuten Technology Conference
12 NovStartups x Venture Capitalists
21 NovFintech Venture Capital
26 NovTokyo Libra Blockchain Meetup
29 NovDemo Day - Le Wagon Tokyo Coding Bootcamp
2 DecBroader Horizons - Space with Astroscale & Celestialdata
5 DecFutureProof: The Coming Age of Proof-of-Stake
12 DecShark Tank: The Future of Asset Management
8 JanBitcoin for Absolute Beginners
15 JanOpen Pitch Night
21 JanTezos and STO update - Ryan Lackey
22 JanPlug & Play Japan Showcase
29 JanCrypto Forensics with Elliptic
30 JanStartup Pitch Night
various crypto meetups