As we wrap up another week, let’s take a look back at what happened over the last seven days.

Komodo’s Fourth Annual Notary Node Election came to a close! We thank all candidates and everyone who participated in the election by voting. The newly-elected Notary Node Operators will be announced on May 11.

Interview with Komodo Ambassador John Robinson

Audo had the pleasure of meeting John when he was visiting Tokyo in April. They decided to seize the opportunity and film a short interview.


Pirate Chain April Update by Kaks

The community is testing subatomic swaps that allow trading with private transactions. Subatomic swaps are based on different technology than what AtomicDEX uses. Subatomic swaps allows two peers to send multiple fee-less transactions to each other. They are completing the trade in small chunks, and thus they only have to trust the other party with a very small amount of funds to minimize the risk.

The Pirate community holds weekly meetings every Wednesday at 22:30 GMT. Everyone is invited to come with a drink in hand. The Pirate community welcomes everyone’s opinions and questions!

Read rest of the Pirate updates from Kaks’ portal post


I2P Integration

DreamTim created a post about a fundraising effort started by Draeth and Lootz. The goal is to integrate I2P to Komodo, which will make it available in all the ecosystem projects as well.

They are looking to raise 0.8 BTC in donations.


AtomicDEX Orderbooks

Mylo has been developing a website to browse the AtomicDEX order books. It is becoming a full market-making product targeted for web communities.

Visit the website and check out the demo here.


Komodo History Book (2016-2020)

The Komodo history book is in progress by Tyke.

Komodo CTO Kadan Stadelmann sat down for a superb interview with Charlie Shrem from Untold Stories. They discuss the threats to those core beliefs coming from government and other sources. Furthermore, Kadan talks about his past and his background and how it was growing up in cyberspace, and describes Komodo's vision while explaining the differences between Smart Chains, Multi-Chains, and Single Chains.

Listen to the podcast here.


The subatomic developments continue to make progress and there are new improvements. You can now select a number of orders to show on the list query on the orderbook page. Furthermore, you are now able to sort the results on orderbook as per their expiry time and much more! Komodo Developer Satinder Grewal uploaded a video to showcase all the improvements.

Watch it here.


Komodo continued with its Blockchain Fundamentals content series this week with two new interconnected articles.


This first article is about Bitcoin Private Keys. It explains what Bitcoin private keys are, and how they’re used to grant access to funds. It also details the differences between various private key formats, such as hexadecimal, wallet import format (WIF), and compressed wallet import format (compressed WIF).

Read the full article here.


The second article is on Blockchain Use Cases.  Blockchain technology has seen tremendous advances in its brief history and, as a result, many prominent blockchain use cases have emerged. Blockchain is now overcoming challenges in a wide range of industries and has even fostered the rise of entirely new industries, such as DeFi (decentralized finance).

Read the full article here.


Thanks for reading. Stay safe, stay healthy.