Throughout its history, Komodo has been a very technology-focused project. While technological development has always moved at an incredible pace, the other aspects of the project have started to catch up. 

To increase visibility, we stepped up our marketing efforts and developed an overarching narrative and clear marketing message: Komodo is a multi-chain platform that provides composable blockchain solutions to third-party businesses through independent Smart Chains and the Antara Framework. 

In 2019, we placed great emphasis on improving Komodo’s developer documentation and creating more educational resources. That direction continues in 2020. In addition, we are also increasing focus on our business development efforts. 

The business development team now has two full time members: Charles ‘PTYX’ Gonzales and Jason ‘Polycryptoblog’ Brown. Our team is currently crafting together a business strategy and objectives for 2020.

Welcome PTYX!

Charles is a well-known person within the Komodo community and, for many community members, needs no introduction. Just in case you’re not familiar with him yet or want to learn more, you can check out his introduction post. If you have questions for Charles, you can ask him directly on his introduction post. 

We imagine this announcement raises some curiosity and general interest within the community, and we thus decided to conduct a brief interview with him to clear some things up. 

Hey PTYX, we are excited to have you working for Komodo full time again. Can you tell us what you’ve been working on for the past year or two?

Over the past 2 years I've developed several applications, provided business consulting for 5 projects, and built strong relationships with government officials and private companies in Latin America. Additionally, I on-boarded 3 projects to Komodo's AtomicDEX and negotiated marketing agreements with those communities to cross promote Komodo solutions. 

What drove you to join the Komodo team in an official capacity?

The main reason I decided to join Komodo is because I realised that it's better to concentrate our efforts on promoting Komodo-based solutions instead of promoting solutions on multiple platforms. Over the past year, I received an increased level of positive feedback on Komodo’s solutions like Antara and AtomicDEX, which are beyond most other platforms. That is what drove me to focus on Komodo.

What are you looking to accomplish in the Komodo project? What are your personal goals? 

For 2020, I plan on laying out a solid business development strategy to introduce Komodo solutions to schools, universities, and government agencies. Additionally, I'd like to solidify collaboration between Komodo and venture capital firms, as well as consultants that are helping entrepreneurs build new blockchain-based solutions. If we offer them the right educational material and tools, they will use our platform to build. I would also like to see a boost in adoption and recognition of the AtomicDEX. 

What does this mean for Chainzilla? 

Chainzilla, as a company and project, will remain active but its focus will shift to offer Komodo-based solutions exclusively. We will leverage all of our business relationships to raise awareness of Komodo's solutions. 

What are your general thoughts about Komodo business development and how do you think we can drive Komodo technology adoption? 

With enterprise software, the "end user" is the "customer," so Komodo's enterprise solutions are designed around their needs. The software is intuitive, delightful to use and can be easily adapted to an individual’s actual workflow. Our user-focused applications recognise each associate and their roles, channel and preferred language. We plan on guiding companies and their employees in their individual learning, keeping them always engaged in their own development. As Komodo matures, it has focused on delivering software that is tailored to meet any project's expectations. 

What are the main roadblocks or barriers you see that is stopping Komodo from reaching a wider recognition and business adoption? 

The slow rate of blockchain adoption by enterprises can be attributed to the barriers that businesses must overcome to achieve a mainstream adoption of the technology. The main roadblock we're facing is a lack of awareness by major companies and agencies that are using blockchain to build new applications. Komodo is rolling out new educational material that will help us tackle these issues.