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Casual Discussion
Casual Discussion
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The casual discussion board is for all non-Komodo related topics ranging from philosophical topics to non-blockchain news articles. In other words, anything can be posted on this board as long as it is not against our community guidelines. As usual, remember to be respectful towards others and don’t post promotional material or advertisements.


A Warm Welcome To The Komodo Community

The board's objective is to help you get familiar with the Komodo community and to learn about blockchain technology in general. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting more involved with a blockchain community – here is your chance! Share your... (More)


Thank-you note

thank you very much to the #KOMODO team I have received my bounty prize.


congratulations to all the winners ..


Once again, thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

#Komodo2020 $KMD🚀❤️🚀


I know what, who and where you are

Bryan BeusKomodo Team
Senior Technical Writer, Junior Web Developer

Observing Komodo’s and Cardano’s UTXO-based Contracts

Recently, the Komodo team learned that Cardano announced a new product offering, called the EUTXO, that is comparable to Komodo’s existing technology, Antara Modules.

These technologies allow developers to create blockchain-based contracts that rely on a fundamental unit of blockchain... (More)