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Notary Nodes
Notary Nodes

Notary Nodes are servers dedicated to performing critical tasks for the Komodo ecosystem. There are a total of 64 notary nodes in Komodo’s globally-distributed network. Every year, the Komodo community holds an election to choose who will operate notary nodes.

Community Moderator

Changes in the Notary Node Election 2020 deadlines

In the last few days, we carefully evaluated the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the scale of damage it is causing around the world, including traditional and crypto markets, we decided to postpone the proposal deadline and the... (More)

Notary Nodes

Komodo Notary Node Map

here is a good overview of the 2019 Notary Node Candidates.

It would be cool to find something like that on the official komodo platform website. maybe with live statistics about the nodes and new design.

What do you... (More)

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