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Media Mentions
Media Mentions

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This topic will help you find all Komodo media coverage, from the press to YouTube vlogs. If you find something new, you can post it anywhere on the portal and tag it with Media Mentions to add it to the feed.

Charles Gonzales Interviewed on TRADING PLEX

Charles Gonzales Interviewed on TRADING PLEX

Media Mentions

Is Mobile Decentralized Exchange Trading Riskier? Komodo's CTO Says Not Necessarily

Benjamin Pirus – June 25, 2020

Security for mobile decentralized exchange usage depends on several factors.

I don’t think that the risk to a mobile DEX is necessarily higher than that of a DEX accessed through another medium," Stadelmann told... (More)

Kadan Stadelmann Interview: Early Bitcointalk, AtomicDEX, Ethereum Interoperability

Layer1: A Crypto Podcast sat down with Kadan Stadelmann to talk early Bitcoin days, the launch of AtomicDEX, how Komodo attracts ETH community, and providing security through Bitcoin's blockchain.

Aired on Jun 4, 2020