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Komodo Discussion
Komodo Discussion

On this topic, you can find official updates from Komodo. You can post questions and make suggestions about marketing, business development, technical development, or any other relevant dimensions of the project. This is the board to discuss these topics with the Komodo team.

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If a handful of people can change the world...

One of them would clearly be JL777. One of the smartest heads of the Blockchain !!

His visions are unique.

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Ambassador's Report - March 2020

Tokyo, Japan
March 2020

It has been busy two months since the last update from Tokyo. Mid-February saw many events being attended with plans for a similar level of activity over the following two months. There were many large blockchain... (More)

Komodo CTO Kadan Stadelmann joined a podcast with Justin O'Connell.

“This module, this stablecoin module, is one of many other modules…That’s also why we call it a composable platform.” 

Check it out here:


Official Update
Komodo Discussion

An Overview Of The CryptoNight Mining Algorithm

We have published another article from our Blockchain Fundamentals series.

In this article, we explore why CryptoNight was invented and how the algorithm has been modified by prominent blockchain projects. We will then assess its current effectiveness compared to other... (More)