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Komodo Core
Komodo Core

Komodo Core is the engine that extends platform services to all Smart Chain projects. With a multi-chain architecture, Komodo decouples platform services from the KMD blockchain and offers them as optional features. Services include security, on-demand scaling, and interoperability

WASM Smart Contracts

So much tech being optimized, it's not really visible to most people, but over the past couple of months I've been observing the really cool comments amongst developers

Tokenized BTC on Komodo Antara is like an Ethereum rollup (aka layer 2 scaling solution)

The gatewaysCC and assetsCC work in concert to tokenize bitcoin.

What are the current limitations of building such a solution?

What is Subatomic Swaps and how it fits in Atomic Swaps architecture

Some days ago a community member asked questions regarding Atomic Swaps and Subatomic Swaps, for which a nice discussion happened in Komodo Discord. It seems nice conversation covering a lot of important things and FAQs.

Just making it's copy here... (More)

Verus vs Covid19