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Incubation & Consultation
Incubation & Consultation

Are you looking to launch a project on Komodo? Do you have a great idea for a blockchain business? Komodo’s service providers, consultants, and incubators help projects get up and running with Komodo technology. Whether you are a startup, enterprise business, or a community initiative, you will find help and support here.

This topic is maintained in collaboration with Komodo’s solutions partners: RedFOX Labs, Chainmakers, Chainzilla, and KMDLabs. You can find official news & updates about these four official service providers on this board.

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777 LABS to Win - Solve a Puzzle

777 LABS found it's way to this address


It's yours to take, if you can solve a little puzzle.

The custom seed for this address can be figured out with the help of my S4 pubkey. How? That's up... (More)

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well
Voted for Yes

My real passion is game dev, now I am working in blockchain I would definitely play a blockchain based game and learn more about it, meet new people and developers.

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Komodo Documentation to get you started

Below are a few place you can find some Komodo Documentation to get you started and help you find answers.

You can find AtomicDEX, Smartchain and Antara Module docs along with tutorials, guides and lists of Komodo and third party... (More)

Artwork from the upcoming RedFOX blockchain game KOGS.

Don't forget to learn the game in advance of its release. 

That way, you'll be ready to slam your way to victory as soon as launch day arrives.

How to Play KOGS