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Election 2020 Proposals
Election 2020 Proposals

Election candidates can drop their proposal to this topic. Only one post per candidate is allowed. Note that the list on this portal page might be incomplete. Please refer to the official source for the full list and the most up-to-date information.

The official list of candidates is on GitHub: Candidates 2020 (Season 4) 

cipi Notary Node proposal

Hello everybody,

most of you already know me, i am running notary nodes since two seasons and also a lot of other servers for the Komodo ecosystem, like electrum servers and AtomicDEX nodes.

Please take a look at my proposal:... (More)

Notary Votes = Security & Growth Mylo_SH

Final day! All the best to all involved.

Please consider mylo_SH - RAjXLB2nDfy72pT5JEhwXhe9xeUgZ5Wq4D

Proposal Here:

Recent Dev:
Future Dev related to CHIPS deployments & including subatomic with the orderbook app & hyperdex updates from experience gained from... (More)

Komodo Notary Node Candidacy from Marmara Chain Community

Komodo Notary Node Candidacy from Marmara Chain Community

Region and Voting Address

  • Region: AR
  • Address: RBzq4oEBGqrhwJ6om1AGv8JC5NVM6ywcYK

Komodo has a very nice and innovative technology developed to secure any blockchain against 51% attacks. It is called delayed Proof of Work, shortly... (More)

d0ct0r NA Region NN Proposal

Hey Gang!

I hope you are all doing well. I am running for a KMD NA Notary Node position once more and would greatly appreciate your support!

I've had a great learning experience acting as a Komodo NN operator throughout... (More)