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You can post your Komodo-related content, such as videos and blogs here. This topic is free for all discussion as long as it is not against our community guidelines.

Official Update

Community Portal Maintenance

During the next weeks, we will keep enhancing the community experience here on the portal.

  • New simplified topic structure
  • Introduction of private groups at a later point
  • Editing old posts to match the new topic structure
  • Archiving old and no-longer... (More)


I am super excited about the project as a whole. Today I will be blogging about komodo and atomicdex. 

What up everyone!

Huge fan of Komodo and I'm really excited to start getting to know everyone around the project. I'm trying to get into the discord, however, and I keep getting an error on the validation.. Can someone get me in there?... (More)

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well

Congratulations to all the node winners.

Congrats to all the notary node winners and those who didn't made it better luck next time.