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Casual Discussion
Casual Discussion

The casual discussion topic is for all non-Komodo related topics ranging from philosophical topics to non-blockchain news articles. In other words, anything can be posted on this board as long as it is not against our community guidelines. As usual, remember to be respectful towards others and don’t post promotional material or advertisements.

VerusCoin listed on CoinMarketCap

VerusCoin is now officially listed on CoinMarketCap

the bank would have to adopt and respect the parameters that govern Bitcoin!

What up everyone!

Huge fan of Komodo and I'm really excited to start getting to know everyone around the project. I'm trying to get into the discord, however, and I keep getting an error on the validation.. Can someone get me in there?... (More)

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well

Google has dalliance with yet another coin after Chainlink

Theta rallied 10x in recent weeks. It has rumoured to have partnerships with google. Googles recent involvement in blockchain industry made chainlink into top 15. I am wondering where will Theta settle.

Theta coin recently launched its mainnet 2.0. The... (More)