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Casual Discussion
Casual Discussion

The casual discussion topic is for all non-Komodo related topics ranging from philosophical topics to non-blockchain news articles. In other words, anything can be posted on this board as long as it is not against our community guidelines. As usual, remember to be respectful towards others and don’t post promotional material or advertisements.

If a handful of people can change the world...

One of them would clearly be JL777. One of the smartest heads of the Blockchain !!

His visions are unique.

#Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal

Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal, but komodo offers the better and safest technology.

If you like, share my tweet or discuss it so that the crypto world will be aware of Komodo and its unique technology. komodo the next big... (More)

How To Get Around The Community Portal

The Komodo Community Portal might seem a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy.

Simply follow the boards that interest you to get that board's content in your Home feed and to... (More)