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AtomicDEX Mobile
AtomicDEX Mobile

The Industry’s Only Atomic Swap Exchange: AtomicDEX

Komodo’s AtomicDEX application allows peer-to-peer atomic swaps, making trading easier and more accessible than ever. Trading occurs within the wallet. No need to make deposits or withdrawals.

  • Non-Custodial Trading. Traders always control their private keys and their funds while making trades.
  • Mobile Ready. AtomicDEX is available for both Android and iOS, enabling mobile P2P swaps.
  • Minimal Fees. The trader who takes an offer pays 0.13% of the trade's value. Makers pay no fees.
  • Instant Order Matching. When two traders agree upon a trade, the orders are matched instantaneously.

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BOOM: Komodo Prepares To Drop AtomicDEX

Atomic DEX Overview (Beta)

AtomicDEX Mobile UX Overhaul

Tell me where to find out details about AtomicDEX Mobile UX Overhaul

AtomicDEX pairs price rates direction

In AtomicDEX when you choose a pair for example KMD/DEX when you see the opposite DEX/KMD then the price is obviously reversed when evreybody on CEX is used to see only unidirectional price, could be the UI adjusted so to... (More)