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AtomicDEX is Komodo's third-generation decentralized exchange and the only DEX in the world to fully run on atomic swap technology. The AtomicDEX connects various blockchain protocols and makes this cuttingedge technology available to all with an open API.

Hey, you had a good timing with this question!
When? Soon!

I don't have the latest info, but we are now preparing to announce the launch. However, this is an alpha version, so the launch is nothing large in size.

Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum hears about AtomicDEX for the first time...

... he is interested and asks for a technical description !!

Will the big attention come now? It would be deserved !!

AtomicDEX Flyer

AtomicDEX pairs price rates direction

In AtomicDEX when you choose a pair for example KMD/DEX when you see the opposite DEX/KMD then the price is obviously reversed when evreybody on CEX is used to see only unidirectional price, could be the UI adjusted so to... (More)