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Atomic Swaps
Atomic Swaps

A Superior DEX Solution For The Blockchain Industry

Atomic swaps are secure, peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets from one user to the other, without any middleman or intermediary. When exchanging assets via atomic swaps, you never need to give up control of your private keys, which makes trading more secure than ever before.

Unrestricted Trading Pairs. Trading pairs can exist between any two integrated assets for which a market arises.

Shared Liquidity Pool. All third-party projects that integrate to Komodo’s AtomicDEX framework share a liquidity pool.

0-conf atomic swaps


There was a feature called 0-conf in the first AtomicDEX API implementation. People could lock KMD as a collateral, locked KMD still accrued rewards if I recall correctly and it was possible to make fast atomic swaps this way.... (More)

more than serving as an exchange this type of scripes very similar to ETH contracts, only in a more primitive way, is managed for BTC or BCH exchanges, and serves as a lock so you can secure your coins if... (More)

AtomicDEX Application Development Example Part 1

Hey I've been making an example web application with atomicDEX API. It is composed of 4 parts like many web applications:

  1. Backend (Marketmaker/AtomicDEX)
  2. Middleware Server (interface to backend)
  3. Middleware Client (library that links front end to backend)
  4. Front End (the... (More)

atomicDEX Swap livestream questions

I'm looking to livestream some atomic swaps sometime this week whilst i talk about some of the work i've been up to lately building the app

has anyone got livestream experience to suggest me (i'm looking at OBS through... (More)